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Package Pricing


We've tried to give general prices for our Extravagant services but if you have something special that you want to talk about with us first, please feel free to reach out and we'll get it figured out for you! Thank you for trusting us with your event and we look forward to making it Extravagant!

  • The Most Extravagant Photobooth ever!
    3 hr
    460 US dollars
  • Impressive Audio and Lights at an affordable Rate
    4 hr
    700 US dollars
  • Impressive Audio with next level lighting or a Photobooth
    4 hr
    975 US dollars
  • Audio, Lights and The Photobooth Together!
    4 hr
    1,250 US dollars
  • Karaoke on an Extravagant Level!
    4 hr
    Price Varies
  • Extravagant Occasions are more fun with Us!
    4 hr
    525 US dollars
  • Extravagant Formal Nights Exceed all others!
    8 hr
    1,650 US dollars
  • Mardi Gras is more fun when done Extravagantly
    8 hr
  • Extravangant Corporate Special Events
    12 hr
  • Extravagant Conferences keep everybody awake! : )
    8 hr
    1,200 US dollars
  • Extravagant Special Occasion Coordinators
    12 hr
    260 US dollars
  • The Most Extravagant Coordinator
    40 hr
    4,000 US dollars
  • 18" Foam Party Favors To Make The Dance Floor Move
    1 min
    1.25 US dollars
  • 4 hr
    Pricing Varies
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